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Sometimes, I just doodle around…
But even I have no idea where these guys came from…

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Andréa Keys Connell: The Pursuit of Hercules, 2011

This piece expands on themes from a previous installation that dealt with inter-generational trauma, i.e., the unresolved affects of trauma that have been passed on from one generation to the next. I wanted to further explore the nature of trauma, this time specifically in relation to archetypes of heroism and the heroic’s relationship to violence. 

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Mist/Bridge from Polya Moshenska on Vimeo.

Industrial space is conceptually filled; it generates and influences the character and content of the image. It is the place for improvisation and displacements that are possible due to the fact that this place is transfused with the past and is subjected to various effects of living and inanimate objects. Topography of the place, presence and absence are uncovering new mythology.

Polina Moshenska
2009 – 2007 Magister degree at Kiev-Mohyla Academy (Cultural studies)
2007 The New York-St. Petersburg Institute of Cognitive and cultural studies

2014 Bridge, 11”
2012 Integration:Mimicry, 6’’
2011 Love me like I love you, 5’’
2010 Without object, 7’’

Mükemmel Bir Gün / A Perfect Day - Trailer (2014) from Oguzhan on Vimeo.

-Festival International Du Film D’art -Nos Yeux Grands Ouverts- Best Art Film 2.Prize - 2014 / Paris, France
-38th Utah Arts Festival - Filmmaker Award 2014 / Utah, Salt Lake City, United States
-14th International Short Film Festival ‘The Unprecedented Cinema’ - Best Experimental Film 2014 / Tallinn, Estonia
-25th Ankara International Film Festival - Best Experimental Film 2014 / Ankara, Turkey
-Festival Internacional Del Cortometraje FIC - First Special Mention 2014 / Buenos Aires, Argentina
-Rotary Short Film Festival Best Experimental Film 2. Prize - 2014 / Samsun, Turkey
-Atasehir Environmental Short Film Festival -Professional Category- Best Experimental Film 2014 / Istanbul, Turkey

-PARIS COURTS DEVANT - Official Competition 2014 / Paris, France (24-30 November)
-26th Girona International Film Festival - Official Competition 2014 / Girona, Spain
-20th Cucalorus Film Festival - Official Selection 2014 / Wilmington, North Carolina, United States (12-16 November)
-21th Golden Boll International Film Festival - Mediterranean Competition 2014 / Adana, Turkey
-Bienal Internacional De Video Y Cine Contemporaneo - Official Competition 2014 / Mexicali, Mexico (3-14 November)
-Muestra Intermediations Video Art & Experimental Festival - Official Competition 2014 / Medellin, Colombia (7-10 October)
-Leamington Underground Film Festival - Official Competition 2014 / Leamington, England (7-11 October)
-16th International Kurzfilmfestival Weimar - Official Competition 2014 / Weimar, Germany
-11th Festival International De Cortometrajes FENACO - Official Competition 2014 / Cusco, Peru (12-15 November)
-10th OPEN CINEMA International Short Film Festival - Official Competition 2014 / St. Petersburg, Russia
-11th Naoussa International Film Festival - Official Competition 2014 / Naoussa, Greece
-20th IFFEST International Film Festival on Art - Official Competition 2014 / Bucharest, Romania (15-18 October)
-7th Cinetoro Film Festival - Official Competition 2014 / Cali, Colombia (7-13 October)
-Jahorina Film Festival - Official Competition 2014 / Pale, Bosnia and Herzegovina (1-4 October)
-Moonrise Film Festival - Official Competition 2014 / Wells, British Columbia V0K, Canada
-Mashrome Film Festival - Official Competition 2014 / Rome, Italy
-Festival Des Cinemas Du Sud-Est Europeen - Official Competition 2014 / Paris, France
-Marmaris International Short Film Festival - Official Competition 2014 / Marmaris, Turkey
-Golden Pars International Youth Short Film Festival - Best Short Film Nominated 2014 / Ankara, Turkey
-12th Istanbul Environmental Short Film Festival - Official Competition 2014 / Istanbul, Turkey

Senaryo & Yönetmen / Written & Directed: Oğuzhan Kaya
Görüntü Yönetmeni / Director of Photography: Hasan Kılıç
Sanat Yönetmeni / Art Director: Tolga Akkaya
Görsel Dizayn / Visual Design: Ebru Ulutaş
Oyuncu / Cast: Oğuzhan Kaya
Kurgu / Editing: Oğuzhan Kaya
Ses Dizayn / Sound Design: Emre Atılgan
Sponsorlar / Sponsors: Turkish Airlines / Los Angeles American Turkish Association
Özel Teşekkür / Special Thanks To: Yasemin Elmas
Yapımcı / Producer: Özden Devrim Bayram

Türkiye / Turkey 2014

Up on the Roof official trailer from Nour Wazzi on Vimeo.

MIRAGE Trailer by Iker Maidagan from BANATU FILMAK on Vimeo.

Un niño inuit llega hasta donde nadie había llegado mientras intenta pescar en la tundra del ártico.

A young Inuit boy reaches waters no one has ever reached before while trying to fish in the Arctic wilderness.

Alexandra Dashina Showreel 2008 - 2009 from Alexandra Dashina on Vimeo.


Owl - Πευκοβελόνες (Video Clip)