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Christina Mrozik is an artist from Michigan, USA. She has spent the majority of her life observing the natural world and the types of relationships that form within it. Having grown up on the Grand River in Michigan, she was inspired by it’s habitats at an early age. Blending the external world with her own understanding of the human condition has led to her distinct style, in which flora and fauna stand in, representing the simultaneous and often opposing matters of the human heart. 

She often draws with ink and marker on paper, adding bursts of color with watercolor and high pigmented acrylics. She views the art making process as one of portraiture, in which analyzing the drawing helps make sense of peoples’ histories and abilities. Currently based in Grand Rapids Michigan, she has shown both regionally and nationally. 

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Safe Place from Angelos Roditakis on Vimeo.

A little child is playing with his toys in his room, when his dad arrives clearly intoxicated. The child, knowing full well what would follow, is trying to hide in the closet in a hopeless attempt to avoid abuse. His dad inevitably finds him.

A short awareness film about child abuse for the last year of a BA (Hons) 3D Animation course.
Created by Angelos Roditakis ©2014

Sound Effects:
Music: Jóhann Jóhannsson - The Rocket Builder, Jóhann Jóhannsson - The Candlelight Vigil

(I do not own any copyright for the music used)


Pat Brassington

Pat Brassington’s work is held in many public collections including the Art Gallery of New South Wales; Queensland Art Gallery; National Gallery of Australia; Museum of Contemporary Art.

Pat Brassington is one of Australia’s leading artists, celebrated for a unique aesthetic that is at once charming and menacing. Blurring the boundaries of reality and fantasy, desire and repulsion, her images explore a surreal, dreamlike logic that challenges our senses and undermines the authority of photography. Her aim, she explains, is to “pitch my images just off the verge of normality, into those dense patches where the commonplace goes awry.”

(via asylum-art)